Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ignore OSX Mavericks Specific Updates on App Store

So you love the way that your new Mavericks always keeps your apps up to date, everything is going just fine, until something happens... you realized that you have a bunch of new updates for some apps that you would like to ignore... But as you looked under settings, cmd+click over update button and all sorts of things you got frustrated because, guess what... That functionality was removed from this new OSX version!

You have been in app support forums, googled the web and nothing, and then you found my blog!

Well, come in you are welcome. The way to solve this will involve opening your terminal, so start by opening it:

  • Is it open? Nice, lets proceed. To install updates from you shell you can use an osx app called "softwareupdate":

    ~ softwareupdate -h
    usage: softwareupdate  [ ...]
     -l | --list  List all appropriate updates
     -d | --download  Download Only
     -i | --install  Install

  • Now to list the updates that you are seeing in your app store, you can type:

    sudo softwareupdate -l

    This will list all the your available updates in the form of:
    * <label>-<version>
          <update description>
    * <label>-<version>
          <update description>

  • To ignore a specific update you just have to do:

    sudo softwareupdate --ignore 

Bellow is an example of use:

Imagine that, Mr. Jonh Doe installed Final Cut Pro version X.Y specific for some work he was doing, and then updates started dropping in his app store (OSX Maverics), so all he had to do after finding my blog was:

➜~  sudo softwareupdate -l                  
Software Update Tool
Copyright 2002-2012 Apple Inc.

Finding available software
Software Update found the following new or updated software:
   * FCPContent-1.0
 Final Cut Pro X Supplemental Content (1.0), 622238K [recommended]

➜~  sudo softwareupdate --ignore "FCPContent"
Ignored updates:

Notice that, between the first and the second command the app store red notification icon, disappeared finally.