About Me

João is a very gifted professional with 7+ years of rock-solid experience in .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, SharePoint, SQL Server, PHP, WordPress and other technologies, with a strong theoretical and practical background working in the field.

Normally he likes to sit around Front-end, developing in AngularJS, jQuery and HTML5 APIs, just for the fun. But his roots provide from a more technical and Back-end oriented profile, like VB6, Powershell scripting, ADO.NET Sync Services, ASP.NET MVC and Web APIs.

He is also pursuing a MSc in Information Technology and Embedded Systems, and is currently researching and studying about Energy Management Systems and alike (completion estimated for 2015).

By "He" I meant me, and more personally I can say that I'm also a dedicated husband and "owner" of my two beautiful pets, Pirata my dog (it's a she) and Poncho (my crazy guinea pig, who runs through the kitchen floor every morning, during breakfast). UPDATE: My beautiful crazy funky guinea pig is now one more star in the night dark sky :'-) since 2014.
My hobbies envolve writing in my blog, investigation on tech stuff (which ended up being posted here), gym - another one of my greatest passions besides programing, run on the beach, read books and cinema - I'm a total fan of special effects, like in Avatar!

I like Apple Products (iPhone, ..., i[a-z]+), I don't like Kindle. On my spare time, normally I burn some hours playing Wii U at home with my wife, we are getting very good at Bowling, well She is getting very good at winning, and I'm handling the losing part ;) .